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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How I found my happy place

This post is about Friday.
I have previously posted about not feeling well. On Friday I had an appointment to get my Gallbladder checked. At 11:30 that morning the doctor's office calls and lets me know that my health insurance doesn't want to pay for the test-- Do I still want to take the test. Well I am single and can't afford it if insurance won't pay for it, so the doctors office lets me know they will keep trying. My appointment is suppose to be at 1:00 and they call back at 12:40 to let me know that insurance will cover the test. I am at least 30 minutes away and the doctors office is going to call the testing center to let them know that I will be late.

I arrive only a few minutes late and discover that the doctors office has given me the wrong prep instructions. I also found out that the number they gave me for the testing center was not correct. I had been trying to get in touch with them to make sure the prep was correct and I thought they weren't answering the phone. Well I had to wait another hour.

This is were the Happy Place comes into the picture. We have a local stamp store and they were have a free make and take that day. So I left the testing center and headed for The Artful Hand. Dorothy the owner just happens to be in today. She is a wonderful lady. She is creative and very helpful.

I browsed for awhile and of course found stuff that I HAD to have and then she showed me the free make and take. It looked so cool I had to make one.

This card is made using what I call Fun Foam. You head it up with the Heat Embossing gun until the foam curls and then stamp into it. BE sure to press really hard. After that I used metallic rub on ink. The black and gold background paper is made using some sort of silk ink( it was already made) and the green paper behind the bear was made using wonder under heated until it curls, Airondack Colo Wash, and Lumin Arte Shimmering mist( Radiant Rain).

I left happy and had forgotten all of my troubles. That is what stamping is all about . To me it is relaxing and fun. Well my problems weren't over. I got to the testing center and they got me hooked up with IV and put some sort of dye in me. It should have taken between 20 and 40 minutes for the dye to enter my Gallbladder. After an hour the Gallbladder was still not showing up. So I was unhooked and waited another half hour and then went in and hooked up again. This time something showed up and the technician thought it was my gallbladder, but it was in the wrong place so she couldn't finish my test. By this time is is around 5 pm. I have been trying to get my test completed since 1:30. I went out to my car looked at my new Card and toys and found my happy place again. Then I went shopping. I got two new outfits and spend too much money.

Thanks for lending me your ear.

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erink88 said...

hey girl, I am sorry that your test got so messed up. I hope they can figure out what the problem is so that you start feeling better. I will keep you in my prayers. love your card, glad that you found a happy place so close to the hospital. let me know if you need anything!


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