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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Craft Room Chaos

The corner in my craft room is for my computer and stuff. My old desk has finally found a new and loving home, so it was time to put the new one together.
I am a stacker, so this caused some chaos
for a short time. I hope to get back to crafting soon.


Putting the desk together. The instructions were not very good.

One part down the corner to go.

11 pm - night 3 and the desk is complete

After: YEA!! it is completed. Now I have to figure out what to do with all of the stuff that was on the other desk that is now in a box.

I got this box to unload the old desk and then turned around and had to go get another box since this box filled up so fast. This is Fluffy and she loves boxes.

Thanks for checking in.. I hope to post some new artwork this week. I fyou are a card maker, be sure to check out Close To My Hearts National Stamping Special.

Always Find Your Happy Place



Anonymous said...

Very nice desk. Aren't those directions just the blast to try to follow. It looks great ! Looks like you got a new computer too. You go girl!

Karen said...

Wow, it looks great, good for you.
Thanks again for the desk, we really appreciate it.


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