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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Painting/Decorating- Which color would you choose

So I always had a hard time deciding on the color of walls. Well painting my stairs isn't easy and it won't be something that I do frequently. SOOOO I had to decide on a color that I liked. The squares were on the wall for about 2 weeks. I started with 2 squares and kept adding. My parents came up the weekend before Thanksgiving to help me paint my stairwell and living room. They came up Friday and stayed through Monday. They were suppose to go home on Sunday, but I had the stomach flue so bad my mom was worried about leaving me by myself. Sometimes it is tough being single and livng by ones self. It was nice to have my mom here to pamper me. Thanks mom!!!

Not the best picture, but it was tough being on a ladder in the stairs..

Dad built a box to go on the stairs for the ladder to sit on. It was still a little scary and Dad stayed next to the ladder to make sure I didn't knock it over.

Dad helped paint the upper part while I was trimming another wall.

Mom helped tape and trim. She also got the job of painting behind the Entertainment Center.( I wouldn't fit) Lucky for me neither mom or dad got pictures of me when I was sitting on top fo the Entertainment center painting and trimming next to the ceiling.

Unfortunately we didn't get the living room finished. Loosing ones cookies seems to slow a person down. I hope to finish it over Christmas Break. I will also have to decide how to scrapbook the pictures. Thanks for looking. I hope to post some artwork tomorrow.

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Shannon Buck said...

I just bought paint for our bedroom yesterday but now I'm wishing I would've just done what you did and pasted up sheets of Cardstock! LOL I'm getting nervous about the color we picked. Should be interesting. ;)

Great job on your blog too! :)



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