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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Favorite Page from Scrapbook Retreat & Retreat Pictures

This page is one of my favorites from the Retreat. It is also the last page I made. I love this picture of my parents. It was taken around Christmas, and I think it is a good picture. Lots of times my dad will have a funny expression on his face and this is more of a natural expression. It is a tradition at Christmas to take lots of group and individual portraits. I always make a calendar for my grandma. The calendar will have pictures of whom ever has a birthday or anniversary on that month.

The Scrapbook Retreat was this last weekend. It was a good weekend to be inside, since it rained Saturday and Sunday. Although, the weekend started a little on the rough side. I had not been feeling well the day before and the hormones with a capital H were in full force on Friday. After I got there and got everything set up it went GOOD. Above is a picture of my work area. There was lots of space and I could nest, which is what I always do. I must spread my wings and reach out in every direction.

Karen giving Gloria CRICUT HELP

Below is a picture of Karen Hays. She and Erin put the Retreat together. They are in the process of getting a Fall retreat set up.

Below is Erin K. By the Fall Retreat she will be a new mommy.

Betty was my roommate. She was very organized and creative.

There were lots of things to learn and create. It was a fun experience and well worth the time. I will be posting more pages and pictures through the week.

Thanks for looking

Always find you happy place


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Anonymous said...

Oh how fun!! Great pics and I really love that layout!! GORGEOUS!! TFS! :)


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