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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Desk top calendar w/Family picture

My family had Christmas last weekend. It was late coming, but my sister works retail, so the holiday is a hard time for her to get off work. It went really well. We all had a great visit. There are a few missing, but it is hard for everyone to get together. Below is a picture of all of us. My Grandma in the middle is 82 and the youngest is 3 unless you look at my sister carrying the actual youngest that is due in March. I am looking forward to a new and healthy niece in March.

I decided I wanted to find a way to have the picture on my desk, I remembered my friend Karen made something like this last year. I used a horizontal plastic picture frame from Walmart, X5806 Creative Basics, and D1339 Moments in Time Stamp Set(January Stamp of the Month). I also used a pen and velcro dots.

I wanted to put coordinating paper inside the pen, but the one I have was too small on the inside to take paper. If anyone out there has any ideas on what pen works best for this I would love to hear what type you all use.
This is a side view.
The SOM D1339 Moments in Time has each set up of days and the name of the months seperate. The combination makes it a versatile stamp set. I used a removable adhesive to put each month together , so that after each month I peel to reveal the next month. The last month is attached to the plastic picture frame with glue dots.
Thanks for looking and I look forward to seeing what type of pens everyone uses.

Always find you happy place.

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1 comment:

Karen said...

I found some a walmart, let me check the brand and let you know.
Also can you email me a copy of the picture of us together with Erin please.


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