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Friday, January 2, 2009

Me and My horse

I realized this morning that I didn't have the pictures from New Years Day. They are on my friend Cheryl's camera. I board my horse at Rocking Horse Ranch in St. Clair Mo. It is a great place to board and they take great care of their animals. The pictures below were taken on Tuesday 12/30/08 after we had finished riding. My horse has changed so much in the last few years and I haven't taken many pictures. It isn't very good picture of me, but the horse looks good. If I get the pictures from yesterday I will post them because there was a 20 degree temperature difference. So all you could see of me was my nose. I was covered from head to toe. The last picture is of one of Cheryl's walking horses(Champ). He was looking for a treat.

Thanks for looking

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