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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Niece

This is my new Niece.
Makayla Travina Shay Kinnison
Born March 10th 2:00 pm
Weight 7lb. 7oz
Length 19inches
You can't see it well, but she has red hair. This is my sisters 4th child and the only one with red hair. As a red headed aunt I am so happy to finally have a red headed niece.
From what my sister says she has a temper!!!!
Both Mother and child are doing well and expected to be home tomorrow, but I won't be able to see them until Easter. They live too far away. Got to love cell phones and the internet.

Always find your happy place
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Anonymous said...

So so precious!!! CONGRATS!! :)

erink88 said...

TOO cute! A redhead with a temper??? NEVER!


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