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Monday, December 28, 2009

Calendar ARt

A few years back I made a Calendar for my grandma and now it is expected. I think this is the 4th or 5 th year for Calendar for Christmas. Here are some of the Months. More will follow later this week. We are actually doing Christmas this Wednesday, so most of them don't have pictures yet. I have a kodak dock printer and it works great. We get current pictures of everyone that comes. There are still a few that I have to use old pictures.

January- Letter Stickers are from a QVC Kit, ribbon is from Michaels

February- Everything is CTMH

March- Paper is CTMH and the shamrocks are from Michaels
I put pictures of any one that has a birthday that month of anniversary. March is a busy month, I still need to get pictures of at least 5 people.
All paper is Close to My Heart.
Thanks for looking. I am off to pack and get on the road.
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Patti J said...

What a nice gift! Grandma's were always the hardest for me to 'gift' for, as they always had everything they needed! They would have loved this idea! Great job, Roxie!!! Let us know how your celebration goes!

erink88 said...

OMG! I HATE calenders. I think I am cursed when it comes to these stupid things! I got all 3 of mine done...went to bind them (printed my own) and the first one was so messed up I had to trash it!


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